The government in Finland has decided that all vocational studies in English will be subject to tuition fees from August 2017 for students from outside the Schengen area. The fees may amount to thousands of euros per semester!

To this sum you also have to add costs for room and board, and the final bill might simply be too much to bear. The vocational schools have a lot to lose because they need to cut expenses or completely shut down study programs in English. Luckily enough, it is still possible to study for a vocation for free in our country but you need to do it in Finnish or Swedish.

This is where Lärkkulla can come to your rescue! We can offer you very effective language courses in Finnish or Swedish for 3-9 months. If you pass a national language exam at intermediate level, most vocational schools will accept you to study for a vocation in Finnish or Swedish. Lärkkulla specializes in preparing students for this exam. We are also now authorized to arrange the national language exam at Lärkkulla in our brand new language studio. This is what we call developing quality!

If you come here to study Finnish or Swedish, we offer you not only top quality language courses but also room and board.

Everything is here, except you...take a chance and come to Lärkkulla for a year that you will never forget. And, most importantly of all, you have the opportunity to learn so much Finnish or Swedish that the doors to vocational studies in Finland will open wide to you..

Juhani Jäntti, Lärkkulla Folk Academy