My dear colleague said it on the third last day of the study year: “Lärkkulla is about friends meeting and friends leaving”. The last day of school is filled with so many mixed emotions, not only for the students who have made friends for life, but also for us teachers and other staff members.

Since I have become the closest with this year’s Swedish students, I wrote them some words of friendship. You can easily apply these same words for all who study at Lärkkulla - languages or music.

Recipe for great friendship can go like this:

1. Mix together people who have wonderful, inspiring, strange, crazy, abnormal, fascinating personalities. 

2. Let them spend time with each other every day in the same room for at least 8 months.
3. Let them express their sparklingly lovely personalities every day they meet in that room.
4. Give them one thing they have in common – a new language (or music) which they all want to make their own in their lives.
5. Show them the way for understanding
a) why people need subordinate clauses,
b) what an adverb is, and where it should stand in a subordinate clause,
c) why you just cannot say all things in Swedish the way you would like to say them, AND MOST OF ALL,
d) how amazingly fun it can be to learn a new language with people who slowly become your DEAR FRIENDS and your NEW FAMILY.

Lärkkulla’s Class of 2015-2016:

You have achieved something big and unique this year. You have made Swedish, Finnish or English language to your own this year. Or you have become so much more talented as a musician during this year than you were before. There you have one new friendship, a talent – cherish your new friend in life.

The people who have become your friends and family during these months at Lärkkulla also represent the memory of friendship that stays with you when you now move on to new challenges in life. The last day of school is often about “friends leaving”, but my advice is, that don’t worry, the feeling of emptiness is good for everyone. It gives space for something new to grow. The same way as you have grown your friendship for many new things and people since the end of August last year, when you came to Lärkkulla. So, now is the time for you and your friends to enjoy your achievements before you move on to those new friendships in your future life!

Swedish and Finnish teacher