Are you interested in music as a profession and need to learn Finnish, Swedish or English? Come to Lärkkulla, we will prepare you for your future as a musician.
We offer you full-time studies with 27 lessons per week. You can plan your study schedule from the following subjects in our two modules:

Music (12-15 lessons) Language (15 lessons)
Main instrument Finnish
Vocals Swedish
Electric guitar or
Bass English
Acoustic guitar  
Classical guitar  
Rythmic piano  
Classical piano  
Studio technique  
Music Theory  
Classical/pop&rock music History  
Vocals workshop  
Secondary instrument  


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1. Main instrument (45min/week) 

2. Secondary instrument (30min/week, for extra fee)

3. Music theory (2x45min)

4. Ensemble (4x45min)

5. Band (2x45min)

6. Rhythm music history (1x45min)

7. Choir (1x60min)

8. Studio recording (2x45min)



1. Introduction to Swedish, 1 credit

Beginning of the course: presenting yourself, politeness, common phrases

2. Grammar and structures, 5 credits
Basic grammar, structures, phrases, idioms. 

3. Reading and listening comprehension, 3 credits
Various texts are read and discussed. Listening comprehension exercises using various media.

4. Writing, 1 credits
Various writing assignments such as letters, emails, text messages, opinions, short essays, complaints.

5. Conversational exercises, 5 credits
Organised conversation in pairs, small groups and  whole group. General, everyday topics. Discussion and  debates on various themes. Simulated situations from everyday life. Drama. Language games.