FI flagga 36 credits / 864 lessons

 Time: 2.9.2019 - 22.5.2020




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Student experiences


Alexander, Russia

Why did you come to Lärkkulla?
I settled in Lärkkulla with the purpose of starting my long way to master Finnish, which I consider being the most tuneful, peculiar and expressive language. I chose Lärkkulla on the basis of many favorable feedbacks. Strictly speaking, all collected data was interpreted by me attractively.

What do you think about the studies?
I'll not exaggerate if I say that Lärkkulla has it's very own special spirit. It, without a doubt, can be called an institution. People from all possible cultures are melted here and unite in sharing the most progressive human values; mutual understanding, respect and striving to the knowledge.

What are the best things about your studies at Lärkkulla?
I appreciate above all the possibility to concentrate on my language improvements. I don't feel any sterss or pressure here,
I don't even have to care about making my own food. Every the slightest inconvinience can be solved by a short talk with
the person in charge. This place is the very ideal mix of freedom and responsibility.


Jura, Ukraine

Why did you come to Lärkkulla?
I had plans on moving to Finland and that's when I started looking for schools where I could study Finnish. I'm happy my aunt recommended Lärkkulla to me, because here I can improve my language skills which will help me integrate in the Finnish society.

What do you think about the studies?
It's obvious that Finnish is a hard language to learn, but studying here makes it fun and interesting because of the friendly and warm atmosphere which makes it easier for me to focus on learning the language.

What are the best things about your studies at Lärkkulla?
My hardworking group and the teachers. They make the studying exciting and easier! It's also nice to be able to combine my hobbies and studies which combined is good for both the brain and the body. I'm also really thankful for all the new friends I've made!