Summercourse2018 04The headline above says it all; there are a lot of people coming to Lärkkulla nowadays and of course, also leaving us. It seems like only yesterday that we had the graduation party for the academic year 2017 – 2018 and almost right away after that we welcomed all the students of the summer course of 2018.

When we started the summer course on the 4th of June, nobody could expect the kind of summer we were going to have. It was the hottest summer since records began over 280 years ago. Lärkkulla not being the most modern place when it comes to air condition and fresh air in general, the heat took a toll on everybody involved. As a result a lot of lessons were held outside. I admire you all for not complaining (at least officially…) and just digging deep in yourself and studying as well as possible. Thank you!

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knappen languagesWelcome to Lärkkulla’s Intensive IELTS course, which is designed to prepare you for the Academic version of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam.  This English qualification is recognized by universities world-wide and is a must-have qualification for many students wishing to study in English at third level, both at home and abroad. 


The main aim is for you to get as high an Overall Band Score as possible.  The Overall Band Score is the number (from 0-9) that you get on your Test Results Form approximately three weeks after the exam.

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Från och med i höst kan immigranter i Västnyland få sin integrationsutbildning på svenska. Tidigare har utbildningen bara funnits på finska.

I höst startar en svenskspråkig integrationsutbildning i Lärkkulla i Karis. Den är den första i Västnyland. Tidigare har integrationsutbildning på svenska bara erbjudits i Österbotten.

Utbildningen ska svara på alla behov arbetslivet ställer.

– Det är inte bara svenskspråkig utbildning, utan det är också utbildning om närmiljön, samhället, Finland och arbetslivet, säger Björn Wallén som är direktor för Lärkkulla.

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The Finnish Summer Course has started and 40 new students have arrived to Lärkkulla for a summer filled with language studies. The course has been very popular and so far it's the only one of its kind in Finland.

– The course sold out quickly and all registered participants have arrived, declares Juhani Jäntti, Principal of the Folk Academy.

The participants have been divided into two groups, one for beginners and one group for more advanced students. The main goal for many students, among others Fahad Ahmed, Faith Kamau, Ghulan Khushik and Irina Shatilova, is to pass the YKI-test at the end of the summer.

Some of the other reasons why they are taking part in this course are further studies and work. 

– I want to develop my communication skills and learn to speak the Finnish language more freely, states Irina. 

In Fahad’s opinion, the first week has made a big impression. Faith thinks that Lärkkulla feels like home and that the teachers and classmates are really friendly. 

– I am confident to voice my opinion in the classroom. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to be in an environment where you can learn the language and make new friends. 

The government in Finland has decided that all vocational studies in English will be subject to tuition fees from August 2017 for students from outside the Schengen area. The fees may amount to thousands of euros per semester!

To this sum you also have to add costs for room and board, and the final bill might simply be too much to bear. The vocational schools have a lot to lose because they need to cut expenses or completely shut down study programs in English. Luckily enough, it is still possible to study for a vocation for free in our country but you need to do it in Finnish or Swedish.

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Lärkkulla folk academy offers you a new study programme where you can study music and develop yourself as a musician in your favourite instrument, and combine that with studies in Finnish, Swedish or English.

This study programme is designed for those of you who want to develop as musicians and need to learn Swedish, Finnish or English to be able to apply to music programmes at university level in Finland or abroad.

We offer you full-time studies with 27 lessons per week. Lärkkulla Combined is all inclusive: 9-month full-time studies, accommodation and meals (Mon-Fri) are included! Studies begin 2.9.2019. Read more about the programme here

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My dear colleague said it on the third last day of the study year: “Lärkkulla is about friends meeting and friends leaving”. The last day of school is filled with so many mixed emotions, not only for the students who have made friends for life, but also for us teachers and other staff members.

Since I have become the closest with this year’s Swedish students, I wrote them some words of friendship. You can easily apply these same words for all who study at Lärkkulla - languages or music.

Recipe for great friendship can go like this:

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Lärkkulla Languages takes a new step as we introduce an effective, intensive summer course in Finnish with tuition, room and board included. Come to Lärkkulla and study for 12 weeks (5.6–26.8.2017) during the summer and finish the course by sitting the General Language Exam in Finnish (YKI) on an intermediate level. 

– This will open up doors for further studies in Finland and give you keys to a bright future, says Lärkkulla's Principal Juhani Jäntti.

The course includes: introduction to the Finnish language, structures of the Finnish language, communication skills, presentations, reading and listening comprehensions, writing and the Finnish culture. 

Read more about the study programme here and apply to the course already today!


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Årets viktigaste tentamen är i antågande då våra språkstuderande ska avlägga en allmän språkexamen; det som vi brukar kalla YKI (Yleinen Kielitutkinto). Enda sedan skolstarten i augusti har fokus legat på just denna examen. Inte för mycket, men i alla fall har den funnits i tankarna.

Så varför ska man avlägga YKI? För våra studerande finns tre olika skäl:

- Man behöver intyget för att få ett jobb i Finland.

- Intyget behövs för fortsatta studier.

- Man har rätt att ansöka om ett finländskt medborgarskap om man bott i Finland i minst fem år, men bara om man avlagt YKI på mellan- eller fördjupad nivå!

Det finns också privata skäl att lära sig finska eller svenska, för många av våra studerande har en finländsk man/fru och visst är det trevligare att kunna umgås med släkten om man kan dess språk, eller hur?

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