We use a digital learning platform called Itslearning as the school's primary communication tool. 
All students will get their own username and password to be able to access the platform. Please check your account on a daily basis for important information and updates regarding courses and assignments, as well as other messages from the school staff. We recommend that you download the app to your smartphone or tablet.

Lärkkulla's  school nurse is Idamaria Uusimäki.
You can contact her by phoning +358 40 7114 849, or quickest by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reception at Axxell, location: Bangatan 75, third floor. Visits to Lärkkulla are also possible.

In cases of emergency or sickness, the students can visit the Health Care Center, Bulevarden 21, Karis. Opening hours 8-16. Please book an appointment in advance, phone: +358 19 289 3400.

Copying is possible for students for a fee. Students are responsible for any copying necessary for their own academic work. Office hours daily between 8.00 – 15.45.



Students in the Hall of Residence may use their rooms during term time from Monday to Friday. At weekends, the students may stay in their rooms for free, except on the rare occasions when the rooms are needed to accommodate large groups of conference or short-course participants.  In such cases, students may be required to vacate their rooms. However, alternative accommodation will be provided by the college.  

The entire school grounds are protected by a security company which patrols the school 1-3 times per night.

Students are responsible for their own insurance arrangements.

The students Council consists of four members, plus deputies.
The Council organizes activities at the suggestion of the Union members. Its activities are normally financed by fund raising events. The Council also discusses the future development of the College with the Principal.

Please note the following regulations regarding your stay at Lärkkulla:

  • It's strictly forbidden to smoke indoors and on the balconies. Smoking is allowed in specified areas of the school premises.
  • Do not take cups, plates or trays from the dining hall. Exception: during the late spring to early autumn when the dining hall terrace is open.
  • No non-residents are allowed in the dorms after 22.00/10pm
  • The consumption of alcohol is forbidden in the dorms.

Lärkkulla is visited by outside groups for events such as camps and courses on a regular basis so it's important that we all work together to make them feel welcome. This means cleaning up after ourselves and respecting whatever events they are here for.

It is possible to use Wireless Network at Lärkkulla. The office will give you the password.

The kitchen uses local, ecologically grown produce where possible and, in case of imports, gives priority to products processed in their country of origin.

Multinational companies and their subsidiaries are generally avoided, and Finnish companies prioritized. 

Only natural fertilizers are used in the College grounds and gardens and the cleaning staff use only environmentally friendly detergents.

The Office strives to recycle all waste paper and aims to reduce the overall paper consumption by 50%.

Lärkkulla provides short training and further educational courses for the staff of the Borgå Swedish Diocese, as well as other professional organisations, in collaboration with the Diocese and the Chapter. In addition, other organizations hire the facilities at Lärkkulla for their courses.

In view of the many different categories of people present at any given time at Lärkkulla, it is important to show consideration, especially when grace is said at meals and at evening prayers.

Students may book the washing machines in the laundry room by signing the booking from. It is advisable to book two hours per load.

Laundry may be dried in the drying room, which must be kept locked at all times. The room key fits the lock.

Students may leave their white linen for mangling free of charge. Sheets should be pre-stretched by hand before they are left on the mangle.

Director and Principal
The Lärkkulla Diocesan Centre is led by a Director. The present Director is Mr. Björn Wallén.
+358 40 747 8841
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lärkkulla Folk Academy is led by a Principal. The present Principal is Mr. Juhani Jäntti.
+358 44 720 0459
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Students at the College are entitled to apply for state grants. Information about state support is available at the local Employment (TE) Office. The College Office passes on application forms to the student support centre at Jyväskylä. It is advisable to send the form to the College Office as early at possible in order to ensure that the grant is available at the beginning of the autumn term. State grants are paid to applicants who have been admitted as full-time students and are in need of financial support.