infobild» Retreat - One step back, two step forward

Take a step back to empower yourself and your group. A retreat at Lärkkulla gives business groups, organisations and associations the opportunity to focus, free from the distractions and chaos of everyday life. If needed, the chapel may also be used for meditation and reflection. Lärkkulla offers accommodation, home cooked meals and access to the gym and sauna during your stay here. 


» Day conference - Capture the day

Why not create a dynamic learning environment through a day conference at Lärkkulla? We offer you and your organization the chance to book conference facilities for 15-150 people, and we can tailor our services and facilities to meet the size and needs of your group. Lunch and coffee is included. 


» Meeting & lecture - More together

Create more together - Lärkkulla is a unique place for meetings. Our facilities are suitable for both smaller and larger groups, and the auditorium is fully equipped with the latest WiFi, HD-projection and sound system. 


» Lärkkulla event - Tailored solutions

Do you wish to hold your own event at Lärkkulla? No problem! We offer tailored services and solutions for your event, no matter the size. We have rooms for group work, lectures and enjoying downtime. Accommodation can be arranged in our guest house and the delicious, nutritious meals are prepared in our own kitchen. Additional services such as a photographer, facilitator, etc. are also available upon request. 


» Facilitation - For you

Think outside the box! Allow us to help you to get more work done, and with better results. We can facilitate a meeting, language training, hold a workshop or lead a discussion. Facilitation sessions can be combined with your retreat or be conducted at a venue away from Lärkkulla.