Här hittar du svar på vanliga frågor som studerande på Lärkkulla brukar ha.

Do I have an own room at Lärkkulla?

If you have got a confirmation letter from Lärkkulla, that says that you have a room at our dormitory, then you will have a high class room with your own toilet and shower. You don't have to bring any furniture. The room has a bed, a closet and a desk with a chair for you.

How far is Lärkkulla from the centre of Karjaa?

About 2,5 km. By foot 20-25 minutes.

What can I do after classes at Lärkkulla or in the city of Raseborg?

Lärkkulla has a tennis court, a squash hall, table tennis, volleyball, library, gym. Close by there are nature paths and a park by a river. In the city of Raseborg you can go to swimming hall, downhill skiing, skating, the cinema, cafés and to culture historical places such as Fiskars village, Raseborg Castle ruins and so on.

What is the national language exam (YKI-test)?

The national language exam is arranged 2-4 times per year in many languages. It tests your skills in written and spoken language. The certificate from this language exam is an important document, when you wish to apply for Finnish citizenship, to universities in Finland and prove your language skills at a job interview. The language exam costs depending on the level 100-150 €.

Do the studies at Lärkkulla guarantee that I pass the national language exam (YKI-test)?

If you take part in classes, do your assignments during the study year, are active in the classroom activities, then you have very good chances to pass the language exam without any difficulties. The courses prepare you so well, that we have great statistics from previous years, when our students have passed the exam with very good results.

Can I count on Lärkkulla's certificate, when I apply to other schools?

Yes, you automatically get 6 bonus points wherever you apply to after Lärkkulla.