When you study languages you invest in your and your family's future. Language opens up new opportunities for you to get that study place you always wanted or that job you have long dreamed of. A future in Finland also means a future where you feel comfortable Finnish, Swedish and/or English.

You can study these languages as major subjects or can combine them, selecting a main language and a side language. The course is made up of different modules, accounting for as much as 36 credits (864 lessons per year), i.e. 24 hours of class time per week.

Lärkkulla Languages offers you an international environment where your fellow students are in the same situation as you: they are motivated to integrate into Finnish society in the best possible way: by learning a local language!


Lärkkulla Languages is a superior private education provider, focussing on hiring the best teachers, creating the most rewarding courses and offering quality kitchen and accommodation for you to enjoy as much as possible. When you are happy, you will also learn!

However, it is you who is at the centre of the school. We are here for you, to help you on the path to a bright future. At Lärkkulla the teachers, administrative staff and students all work closely with each other - and achieve great results together!

Our courses give you the everyday language skills that you need in real life. After studying with us, our students achieved excellent results in the national language examinations. Language is the key to your future in Finland!


"In Lärkkulla's multicultural classes you will learn Swedish and Finnish in an inspirational environment. For example, oral and written communication practice will prepare you for everyday situations. At Lärkkulla we will give you the tools to reach your most important goal: passing the national language examinations and opening the doors to future studies and working life in Finland. "

- Sari Huuskonen, Swedish and Finnish teacher

"English is the only truly global language in the world today. Your studies in English at Lärkkulla have the Possibility to provide you with great opportunities in your life. Studying in a multi-national environment prepares you for life in a globalised world, and the wide range of pedagogical techniques used by our native English-speaking teachers will enable you to take examinations Such as IELTS, the National Language Certificate, or university entrance exams with confidence. "
- Nick Barlow, English teacher