Lärkkulla Languages is a superior private education provider, focusing on hiring the best teachers, creating the most rewarding courses and offering quality cuisine and accommodation for you to enjoy as much as possible. We are here for you, to help you on the path to a bright future. 

Our courses give you the everyday language skills that you need in real life. After studying with us, our students have achieved excellent results in the national language examinations. Language is the key to your future in Finland and abroad!


You can choose to study either full-time at Lärkkulla for 9 months (August-May, 36 credits / 864 lessons) or choose shorter module studies. We offer these studies in English, Finnish and Swedish. You can study these languages as major subjects or combine them, selecting a main language and a side language.

Fee: 480€/month includes accommodation and food. 320€/month without accommodation.

We offer the following courses: Online IELTS and Online Academic!
Course fee is 100€/month

We offer IELTS preparation and Business English courses several times a year! Check out all our short courses here!

"It's obvious that Finnish is a hard language to learn, but studying here makes it fun and interesting because of the friendly and warm atmosphere which makes it easier for me to focus on learning the language." - Jura, Ukraine

" I’ve made friends with lots of wonderful people from other countries, and I feel that studying in this multi-cultural environment has made me a better, wiser person. The facilities here are excellent and I feel that I belong here – I’m a part of the Lärkkulla community!" - Alena, Russia