Nathalie, Australia

Why did you come to Lärkkulla?
To study Swedish. I knew about Lärkkulla from local people and I learnt Finnish here before. I need a working knowledge of the languages to find more work and to assimilate into Finnish society.

What do you think about the studies?
Excellent courses. They're intensive, challenging and fun. The teachers really know what they're doing and put their faith in you to do well.

What are the best things about your studies at Lärkkulla?
Friends and connections I have made. Having a working knowledge of a new language.


Zohaib, Pakistan

Why did you come to Lärkkulla?
I came to Lärkkulla to study Swedish, because I found Lärkkulla as a best place for learning Swedish in Finland and Swedish is my utmost interest.

What do you think about the studies?
I think all lessons are important for the students and all students are important for the teachers. It is a great experience to study Swedish for the future with different nationalities and from the best teacher Sari Huuskonen.

What are the best things about your studies at Lärkkulla?
I didn't have any Swedish skills before but now I have the abilitiy to communicate in everyday life. And for my whole learning I am very thankful to my teacher Sari. She always motivates and teaches students like a mother. Lastly, I am thankful to Lärkkulla for providing me an opportunity to learn Swedish!


Mitchell Lopez, USA

Why did you come to Lärkkulla?
Upon signing for the Karjaa football team, BK-46, I heard about the opportunity to learn another language and became interested in Swedish.

What do you think about the studies?
The teachers are very helpful and amicable and the courses while being demanding still manage to be graspable.

What are the best things about your studies at Lärkkulla?
Just being in an environment where learning in different directions is constantly happening is for me the best thing. Meeting people with different cultures, speaking in new languages, eating a variety of cuisines are all expected on a daily basis.


You acquire basic skills in speaking and writing Swedish, corresponding to the intermediate level of the National Certificate of Languages Proficiency Test in the spring of 2017. The course provides you with versatile communication skills that enable you to function in Swedish in everyday life, and also in more advanced discussion situations.

Course description

  1. Introduction to Swedish, 1 credit
    Beginning of the course: presenting yourself, politeness, common phrases
  2. Grammar and structures, 10 credits
    Basic grammar, structures, phrases, idioms. 
  3. Reading and listening comprehension, 6 credits
    Various texts are been read and discussed. Listening comprehension exercises from different media.
  4. Writing 2 credits
    Various writing assignments such as letters, emails, text messages, opinions, short essays, complaints.
  5. Conversational exercises, 10 credits
    Organised conversation in pairs, small groups and whole group. General, everyday topics. Discussion and debates on various issues. Simulated situations from everyday life. Drama. Language games.
  6. Presentations, 2 credits
    Interactive presentations of own country, culture, cities, noteworthy people. One main presentation per semester.
  7. Culture in Finland and the Swedish language area, 1 credit
    Knowledge of culture and traditions throughout the course. Wide cultural perspective as the common thread in discussions on the course.
  8. Weekly news, 2 credits
    Current news and themes are raised throughout the course. The news are discussed and presented in various ways.
  9. Independent study package, 2 credits
    An obligatory part of your full-time language studies. The module consists of approximately 108 hours of independent work to be carried out during the study year. The package includes a wide range of homework, writing assignments (essays, opinion pieces, correspondence: letters, emails, text messages, complaints, invitations, etc.), preparing presentations about your home country, city and culture, also about current issues: the news, trends, interesting research and events. You will also do extra reading projects assigned by your teacher in the spring semester. The teachers guide you throughout your independent studies during the study year.

Lessons, pair and group work, independent studies.
Continuous evaluation throughout the course. Emphasis on the student's individual development and study performance in the foreign language, motivation, attendance at lessons and homework completion. Continuous evaluation of the skills required in the National Language Proficiency Test, the student's independent study input and co-operation skills throughout the course. Periodic written tests.

  • Göransson – Parada: På svenska 1-3
  • Fasth — Kannermark: Form i fokus A — B
  • Fasth – Kannermark: Text i fokus 1-2

Course requirements
90 % attendance, 6 written tests, independent studies, participation in National Certificate of Languages Proficiency Test.
No previous knowledge of Swedish is required.
Sari Huuskonen and Juhani Jäntti