teamwork6Come to Lärkkulla Folk Academy in Karjaa, Finland to study English in July and August 2018.  Enjoy an Intensive English language course as you immerse yourself in a dynamic international atmosphere! Suitable for short stays (one week) or longer ones (eight weeks), we enable you to make the most of your summer improving your English language skills.  Whether you wish to prepare for your English language exams, or simply to brush up on your communication skills, Lärkkulla English Summer School offers you an unforgettable learning experience!    

  • Time: 2.7 – 24.8 2018, minimum stay one week and maximum eight weeks.  
  • Place: Lärkkulla Folk Academy in Karjaa, Finland. Only one hour by train, bus or car from Helsinki. 
  • Class size: maximum 14 students 
  • Price: 300€ per week  


Language Course contents: 24 weekly lessons with fully qualified, experienced teachers, organised activities two afternoons per week (quizzes, board games, outdoor pursuits, treasure hunts, nature walks, etc.), all meals from Monday to Friday (breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner and evening tea), accommodation in 1 or 2-person rooms, free WiFi and parking, gym, sauna, laundry facilities and our official language certificate with credits. No meals or lessons on Saturdays and Sundays! 

Field trips on Sundays by bus or train to Helsinki or Turku are available for 60€ per person, including transportation, guide and packed lunch (minimum 8 participants)

Methods: Lectures, individual, pair and group work, independent studies, research.  

Language requirements: Minimum Pre-Intermediate level English (B1-) is required.  



Intermediate English, 1-6 credits  


Our aim is to provide top quality language courses for international students in the beautiful surroundings of Lärkkulla. Students will be encouraged to engage with all facets of the English language - reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Our skilled, capable teachers provide a professional service in a friendly environment.  

Course Contents  

1. Introduction to English: Course introduction, presenting oneself, level test.  

2. Grammar and structures:  Grammar review – tenses, sentence structure and word order, articles and prepositions, vocabulary building, etc.  

3. Discussion and conversation: Conversation in pairs, small groups and as a whole group about everyday topics, with debates on various issues including cultural, social and socio-economic related themes.  

4. Presentations:  Interactive presentations of your own country and culture, as well as business related topics and themes, various themed projects.

5. Listening practice: Listening comprehension exercises, IELTS exam technique tips and advice, becoming familiar with various English accents and vernacular.  

6. Reading practice: Reading texts on various subjects, comprehension exercises, IELTS exam technique tips and advice.  

7. Writing English: Practice writing formal and informal text, including essays, reports, emails, presentation slides, IELTS exam technique tips and advice.


Lectures, individual, pair and group work, independent studies, research.  

Language requirements

Minimum Pre-Intermediate level English (B1-) is required.