lektion1Study Finnish or Swedish at Lärkkulla's Summer Course 4.6–25.8.2018 to improve your skills in the Finnish/Swedish language. Lärkkulla Languages is a professional, private language school with the best teachers, a great kitchen and cozy facilities in an international environment. Now we have developed a new, intensive language course in Finnish to serve your needs!

 You have a unique opportunity to once and for all learn the language so you are able to:

  • Study in Finnish/Swedish at a vocational school, university of applied science or a regular university.
  • Get our official language certificate for future work.
  • Sit the General Language Exam of Finnish/Swedish at an intermediate level.



teamwork4Time: Summer 2018 (12 weeks, 324 lessons, 12 credits)

Place: Lärkkulla Folk Academy, Karjaa 

Price: 595€ per month + 100€ registration fee. Students not living in the Hall of Residence pay 295€ per month. 

Bonus: We offer you the chance to take the General Language Exam in Finnish/Swedish in our language studio. The price is 123€, but we'll pay you back if you pass the exam!


Read more about the study programme in our Study Guide and apply to the course here!


Contact: Principal Juhani Jäntti (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 044 720 0459) to get more information.