Studying to work in an international business environment?  Need to brush up on your business English skills for study/work?  Or embarking on an overseas exchange program or internship?  We can help you develop the language skills you need to succeed!  

To get ahead in today’s globalised economy, investing in English language training is a must - so ensure you get the best possible value for your money and contact Lärkkulla Languages today!  We offer intensive business English courses which we design, in close cooperation with our customers, to suit your specific language, communication and intercultural needs.  Our courses include:

·     General business English teaching

·     Course materials focused on your particular field of study

·     Exercises/assignments tailored to suit your specific study needs

·     A fully-qualified native trainer from a business background with more than 15 years  teaching experience

·     A comprehensive study package with clearly defined learning goals and checkpoints to measure progress

·     Relevant self-study materials

We at Lärkkulla Languages aim to provide an inspiring learning environment in which our students can strive to reach their full potential.  Our professional, focused and effective teaching methods will help to ensure you get the results you expect...and more!  So why not get in touch today to discuss how we can best support your studies?

Teacher: Graham Illing