This course is aimed at students who wish to prepare for the IELTS exam online.


Each student will be issued with a Lärkkulla Intranet Username and Password for this online learning program. By loging on to the intranet the students will be able to download the following:

· Course book materials. The course materials will be chosen according to each student’s English ability and IELTS score objectives (B2/C1 or A2/B1).

· Supplementary vocabulary building, grammar and writing skills exercises and worksheets.

· All of the necessary listening skills audio resources.

· Course provides 8 x 45 minute lessons with course teacher each month. Each student will be paired up with another student of similar ability wherever possible.

· Minimum of four written tasks per month.

· Corrections and feedback on all written assignments submitted to the teacher.

This online course will enable students to prepare themselves to succeed to the best of their ability in the IELTS examination and significantly improve their prospects of gaining entry to university or working abroad. 


Price: €100 per month, payable in advance