· Students who have completed part of the academic year at Lärkkulla and who wish to continue their studies at the school later in the year. 

· Students who plan to attend Lärkkulla for part of the academic year and would like to prepare themselves for their studies.

Each student will be issued with a Lärkkulla Intranet Username and Password which they can use to log onto the intranet and will be able to download the following:

· Course book materials being used by the Lärkkulla full-time English students.

· All of the necessary listening skills audio resources.

· Extra vocabulary building, grammar and writing skills exercises and worksheets.

· Course provides 8 x 45 minute lessons with course teacher each month. Each student will be paired up with another student of similar ability wherever possible.

· Minimum of four written tasks per month.

· Corrections and feedback on all written assignments submitted to your teacher. 


Price: €100 per month, payable in advance.