IP 02An about a yearlong training includes language studies, social skills and work skills, guidance and identification of previously acquired skills and the recognition of diplomas and professional planning and career guidance ..The syllabus is based on the core curriculum for adult immigrants (Board of Education).

Students will have three work periods in companies in the region and get acquainted with the local community, the Finland-Swedes, with various work and study opportunities - outside the classroom, that is! Of course, the group will cooperate with the other programmes at Lärkkulla as common theme afternoons are arranged. The principle is 'Swedish through Swedish' and students can immediately start using in practice what they have learned in this multicultural environment.

Adult immigrants who have a residence permit and who are customers of TE-office (Work Office), and who have not received integration training in Finnish. can apply for the training. The course is free and the students receive integration support of 9 € per day for food and travel. 14-20 students will be accepted for the course.

The training programme begins in the autumn of 2016. Contact your local TE-office (Work Office)!