Are you interested in music as a profession and need to learn Finnish, Swedish or English? Come to Lärkkulla, we will prepare you for your future as a musician!
We offer you full-time studies with 27 lessons per week. You can plan your study schedule from the following subjects in our two modules:

combined courses




Music studies (12-15 lessons/week) 

1. Main instrument (45min/week) poprock combined1

2. Secondary instrument (30min/week, for extra fee)

3. Music theory (2x45min)

4. Ensemble (4x45min)

5. Band (2x45min)

6. Rhythm music history (1x45min)

7. Choir (1x60min)

8. Studio recording (2x45min)


Language studies (15 lessons/week)


1. Introduction to Swedish, 1 credit langugages10 combined
Beginning of the course: presenting yourself, politeness, common phrases

2. Grammar and structures, 5 credits
Basic grammar, structures, phrases, idioms. 

3. Reading and listening comprehension, 3 credits
Various texts are read and discussed. Listening comprehension exercises using various media.

4. Writing, 1 credits
Various writing assignments such as letters, emails, sms’, opinions, short essays, complaints.

5. Conversational exercises, 5 credits
Organised conversation in pairs, small groups and  whole group. General, everyday topics. Argumentation, debates about various themes. Simulated situations from everyday life. Drama. Language games.



1. Introduction to the Finnish language, 1 credit DSC 8287
The start of the course: getting to know each other, presentations, every day phrases

2. Structures of the Finnish language, 5 credits
Basic Finnish grammar. Home exercises.

3. Listening and reading comprehensions, 3 credits
Various texts are read and discussed. Lots of listening comprehensions using several media.

4. Communicative skills, 5 credits
Discussions in pairs, small groups and whole group. General, every day topics. Argumentations on various themes and situations.

5. Writing, 1 credits
Writing unofficial and official messages, expression and answering opinions, essays.



1. Introduction to English, 12 lessons /1 credit Course introduction: presenting yourself, level test. 

2. Grammar and structures, 72 lessons / 3 credits  DSC 8d354
Basic grammar: nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, participles, passive, sentence structure and word order, conjunctions, prepositions, etc. 

3. Discussion and conversation, 72 lessons / 2 credits
Conversation in pairs, small groups and whole group about everyday topics, with debates on various themes including cultural, social and business related themes. 

4. Presentations, 18 lessons / 1 credits
Interactive presentations of cultures, philosophies and concepts, renowned institutions, etc, as well as business related topics and themes. 

5. Listening practice, 24 lessons / 2 credits
listening to speakers of English with various accents, comprehension exercises with various media. 

6. Reading practice, 24 lessons / 2 credits
Reading and discussing texts on various subjects, comprehension exercises.

7. Writing English, 24 lessons / 2 credits
Practice writing complicated emails and letters in formal and informal contexts, as well as business reports, memos, slides, etc. 

8. An introduction to Business English, 42 lessons/ 2 credits
Acquire upper-intermediate/advanced  Business English vocabulary, learn how business works, and explore various case studies to develop analytical skills. Learn to compile your resumé, fill out job applications and present yourself for job interviews