The diocesan centre Lärkkulla is a modern education and culture centre, that functions in the range of adult education in Finland.

larkkullaStiftsgården Lärkkulla is a versatile and modern educational and cultural center that operates within the law for liberal education in Finland. Lärkkulla forms a whole with the following business profile and organization. Stiftsgården Lärkkulla was founded in 1949 under the Swedish model of the Sigtuna Foundation. The Diocese of Porvoo arranges much of the church's education at Lärkkulla and retreats at Snoan, meetings and seminars in dialogue with cultural life and society. Although anchored in the Evangelical Lutheran Church we aim to be ecumenically open and inclusive in terms of all of our students and guests. Experience the unique Lärkkulla spirit! Church Education is realised in close cooperation with the Chapter in Porvoo and the Central Church of the Swedish (KCSA) on the Central Board.

KAUL  - The Church Academy for Young Leaders (KAUL) is an annual leadership training seminar organised by Lärkkulla. The target audience is young adults (20­-30 years old) who wish to become active in their own Christian context.



Lärkkulla's Course Centre provides superior meeting and seminar spaces in a natural setting. You can visit the course centre to take part in courses or arrange your own events!



larkkulla2The Folk Academy began in 19­49-1950, accounting for Lärkkulla's long­running courses, short courses and events.
The Folk Academy consists of the following programmes:



Lärkkulla is maintained by the Lärkkulla Foundation, which was founded in 1947 by a number of Finnish­-Swedish church organizations. According to Lärkkulla Foundation's bylaws the Foundation's highest leadership consists of a delegation of twelve members. This delegation appoints the seven members of the Lärkkulla Foundation's Board of Directors responsible for the Foundation's practical affairs.